Flexibility Production: Choose Rotoformer

The Rotoformer is a proven forming technology that has produced a wide variety of specialty paper and nonwovens webs. As the specialty sheet manufacturer’s markets have become more demanding, the Rotoformer design has been improved to provide substantial enhancement to its performances.

Primary grades:

  • Air filtration
  • Battery separators
  • Cryogenic insulation
  • Thermal insulation
  • Filter for automotive industry
  • Water filter
  • Oil filters
  • Carbon fibers media
  • Hydraulic filters

The Rotoformer can be equipped with open or hydraulic headbox depending on the speed range.

The new Rotoformer maintains all of the advantages of the original Rotoformer, while providing the following improvements:

  • Improved CD profile
  • Acceptable operation over a wider flow range
  • Ability to process a wider range of fiber types
  • Improved headbox adjustments
  • Improved repeatability of process settings
  • Better internal access to headbox (for maintenance and clean out)